220 The La Riviere Yard, mile 111of the La Riviere Sub. and mile 0 of the Napinka Sub.

Picture5Early 1900’s. CPR La Riviere Sub. mile 111. Built in (1908 – insurance records), 4 stall brick roundhouse with workshop and boiler room. Seventy to seventy-five foot diameter manual turntable in front. View – facing E. into engine house. Engine numbers are l. to r. 494, 497 and 498 which indicates the following:
Class D-5A and D-5B; wheel arrangement 4-6-0. Only nine D-5’s were manufactured in Sept., 1897 by CPNS or “Canadian Pacific New Shops” in Montreal. The D-5’s preceded the D-6’s, D-9’s, and the very common D-10’s. Information source – “Classification And Dimensions of Locomotives”, edited by Omar Lavalle’e, 1945. Photo credit from the collection of – “Bink”Moffat.  (Click on photo for detail)


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