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536 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

Pacific 1285 at CartwrightAs published in the “Southern Manitoba Review”. “It is a G5d class, built 5-48 at Canadian Locomotive Co. in Kingston, and scrapped 6-60.  (I was almost 8 years old and already watching CPR trains when this engine was new.)  The G5 class ran from #1200-#1301.  It should be noted that two sisters, #1278 and #1286, have recently returned from the U.S. and are currently stored, in your home province of MB, at the Prairie Dog Central.  I believe they are owned by an individual in Alberta.” Information source: “Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives“ by Omer Lavallee, Published by LPD Publishing, Vancouver, B.C. (1984) ISBN 10: 0920264158 ISBN 13: 9780920264157”, submitted by Richard Walker.

534 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

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532 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

Picture42011/05, CPR/Napinka Sub. Mile 49. End Of The Line. View – looking back S.E. towards former BTRC property in the direction of Holmfield. This railway property was sold in 2012 to Andy Keen and Brenda Seward. The track in the photo is still active CPR track used mostly for grain car storage.  Click on photo for detail. © Text and Photos exclusive copyright of N. Froese.