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536 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

Pacific 1285 at CartwrightAs published in the “Southern Manitoba Review”. “It is a G5d class, built 5-48 at Canadian Locomotive Co. in Kingston, and scrapped 6-60.  (I was almost 8 years old and already watching CPR trains when this engine was new.)  The G5 class ran from #1200-#1301.  It should be noted that two sisters, #1278 and #1286, have recently returned from the U.S. and are currently stored, in your home province of MB, at the Prairie Dog Central.  I believe they are owned by an individual in Alberta.” Information source: “Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives“ by Omer Lavallee, Published by LPD Publishing, Vancouver, B.C. (1984) ISBN 10: 0920264158 ISBN 13: 9780920264157”, submitted by Richard Walker.