211 The La Riviere Yard, mile 111of the La Riviere Sub. and mile 0 of the Napinka Sub.

Picture3About 1908, CPR La Riviere Sub. mile 111; CPR Napinka Sub. mile 0, division point.  A “Type 8 station “ in centre foreground, a 5 car train headed by a D-4 coal fired engine, the coaling dock adjacent to the engine, and the turntable pit and platform to the right of the coaling dock. The machine shop and boiler room are located in front of the turntable pit. A 40 000 gal. enclosed water tower stands W. of the turntable pit and a second water source, a water spout is located on the right side of the train adjacent to the fourth car. Water was pumped via an underground pipe from the dam on the Pembina River south (left in this photo) of the village. Photo credit – Stan Milesovic.


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