210 The La Riviere Yard, mile 111of the La Riviere Sub. and mile 0 of the Napinka Sub.

Picture2About 1908, CPR La Riviere Sub. mile 111; CPR Napinka Sub. mile 0, division point. View – looking E.to W. Notice track as well as road to brickyard in left foreground. Trestle across Mary-Jane Creek in right foreground. Centre – l.to r. station, coal dock, machine shop/4 stall engine house with turntable in front (located behind coal dock), water tower, right of water tower is locomotive foreman office supply, 3 grain elevators on curved yard track. Above water tower –left, west section house; directly above water tower is locomotive foreman’s house/engineman’s bunk house. (Click on photo for enlargement) Photo credit: Copyright Winnipeg Photo, – collection of B. Schuff


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