2 The La Riviere Subdivision Morden Mile 78 to Manitou Mile 100

Canadian Pacific La Riviere/Napinka Subdivisions. A Snapshot In Time
By Neil Froese
Publisher Neil Froese
© Text and Photos exclusive copyright of N. Froese, Author.
All Rights Reserved. No Part of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without prior written permission from the author. For permission, contact nfroese@eastlink.ca
The Author and Publisher make no claim as to the accuracy of information contained in this book, as it is deemed to be accurate and correct at the time of compilation and printing.
ISBN # 978-0-9918319-0-6
Publisher Info – Neil Froese.  For more information, see “Author’s Preface, 2014/11/11
I  Introduction  (Post #1)
II  Author’s Preface  (Post #3)
III  Map  (Post #4)                                                                                                                                   IV  Forward  (Post #5)                                                                                                                           V  Chapter 1. La Riviere Subdivision, miles 79 to 100  (Posts #6 to #114)
VI  Chapter 2. La Riviere Subdivision, miles 100 to 111  (Posts #115 to # 207)
VII  Chapter 3. (La Riviere Yard, Division Point), mile 111 (La Riviere Subdivision) and Mile 0 (Napinka Subdivision)  (Posts #208 to # 257)
VIII  Chapter 4. Napinka Subdivision, miles 0 to 27  (Posts # 208 to # 390)
IX  Chapter 5. Napinka Subdivision, miles 27 to 49  (Posts # 391 to # 533)
X  Literature Cited and Sources  (Post # 534)                                                                                   XI  Acknowledgements  (Post # 535)


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