1 CHAPTER ONE. The La Riviere Subdivision Morden Mile 78 to Manitou Mile 100

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In this work, my approach has been as much as possible, to take photos, in a sequential approach in terms of “time and space.”
Therefore the photos cover the time period from approximately 1980’s to 2012, with some photos from earlier sources as is indicated on individual pictures.
The “space” or geographical location of this rail line is southern Manitoba from Morden to Killarney. The section of track abandoned was part of the southern – most, CPR rail line in Manitoba and took in the municipalities of Stanley, Pembina, Roblin, Louise, and Turtle Mountain.

Mission Statement

To preserve the history of the CPR La Riviere/Napinka Rail Corridor in southern Manitoba in the form of photographs and comments for Canadians as well as to present an information form for persons interested in railway history of Manitoba.


Persons are certainly encouraged to provide comments/feedback to this blog.  Information now present in this blog can hopefully serve as a “framework” to which readers can contribute and enhance the information – including photographs of this railway’s history for the benefit of all, now and into the future.

Ecologically, this area is classified as “Prairie Parkland.” The terrain is therefore gently rolling with numerous aspen bluffs and prairie sloughs. Commercial grain farming has taken over much of this former prairie ecosystem. Also included in this abandoned section of track is some of the western edge of the ancient Lake Agassiz Basin and escarpment northwest of Morden, as well as the Pembina River valley with some of its associated aquatic tributaries.


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