533 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

Picture52011/05, CPR/Napinka sub. Mile ____ . Three GP 38-2 diesels, 3055 with packman logo, a faded 3117, and 3020 sporting new paint and beaver/shield logo waiting at the grain terminal W. of Boissevain, MB on a wet spring day. Click on photo for detail. © Text and Photos exclusive copyright of N. Froese.


2 thoughts on “533 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

  1. Phil Christie

    How can I get into the cab and behind the wheel (??) of an operational engine?
    I promise to go very slowly…..


    1. nfroese Post author

      Hey Phil, did that give you some of the “train bug?”
      Yes, trains on this line pull a heavy load of 100, or more 90 – 100 ton hopper cars loaded with grain. So they don’t go very fast, – probably about 30 mph.
      You would fit right in.
      I would think that after a good driving record, and I know some persons who have acquired that –
      With some caution, you may be able to ride in the cab of this one in ON, if you are lucky.
      Check this.

      I was lucky on Thanksgiving about 5 years ago when Eileen and I took this Thanksgiving tour out of Orangeville.
      The train made a stop for a break and ice-cream on the return trip.
      I was hanging around the cab area of the engine as were some other people. Yes they were quite lenient about this and, – got talking with the conductor, and was invited to ride in the engine on the return trip.
      I never got behind the wheel as there is none. Instead on the right hand side of the cab is the control tower with the throttle, emergency brake, etc.
      I never got behind this either! Only as an observer, and could take turns sitting in the left hand conductors seat.
      Check out this site.



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