415 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

Picture61994/08, CPR/Napinka Sub. Mile 28. The end of the train in Mather. A different car – a 3 bottom Soo Line hopper. (Soo Line is owned by CPR) Note the “end of train device” attached to the end coupler of this car. This device provides a visual warning signal from the rear of the train in daytime and night time. As well, a vital function of this device is to indicate and regulate the brake line pressure by communicating with its’ partner device in the engineer’s cab. Because cabooses have already been taken out of service at this time, the conductor now rides in the engine. Distance verbal communication, instead of being done by telegraph, is now done by train phone and relay towers. (Click on photo for detail)  © Text and Photos exclusive copyright of N. Froese.


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