108 The La Riviere Subdivision Morden Mile 78 to Manitou Mile 100

Looking W.2011/05, mile 100 BTRC, looking W. on a rainy day. Manitou yard siding with Co-op fuel depot and shed, former “Pool”, then “Agricore”, and presently closed,- elevator in the background. Plans are for the elevator to be reopened for service in 2012. Photo – N.F.  (Click on photo for enlargement)  © Text and Photos exclusive copyright of N. Froese,  For some photos of the railway station and grain elevators in Manitou in the early 1900’s, taken by Edward’s Studio of Killarney, refer to the following website.  http://www.canada-rail.com/manitoba/m/manitou.html#.VyzBd3omFfc


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