7 The La Riviere Subdivision Morden Mile 78 to Manitou Mile 100

Morden Station

1994/09, CPR Morden station presently located at Threshermen’s Museum between Morden and Winkler on Prov. Hwy. No. 3. Located on mile 78/79, this is a type 9 station. Crystal City, on mile 17 –Napinka sub. also had a similar station, as classified in the book – “CPR’s Western Depots” by Charles W. Bohi. and Leslie S. Kozma. (Click on image for larger view) Photo – N.F.    © Text and Photos exclusive copyright of N. Froese, Author.  For a series of photos of the Morden depot in the early 1900’s published by Copp Clark, refer to the following website. http://www.canada-rail.com/manitoba/m/morden.html#.VyzJBHomFfc



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