5 The La Riviere Subdivision Morden Mile 78 to Manitou Mile 100


© Text and Photos exclusive copyright of N. Froese, Author.
All Rights Reserved. No Part of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without prior written permission from the author. For permission, contact nfroese@eastlink.ca

Respect of and Permission for Access to Rail Property:  This publication consists of a series of photos of rail pictures from Morden, MB to Killarney, MB and focuses on the CPR, and the  Boundary Trail Railway Co. Right of Ways.  In no way should these photos encourage persons to trespass on these railway properties in order to take pictures unless they first contact and obtain and complete a “Release of Liability And Indemnity Agreement in Respect of Visiting” from the railway companies on who’s property they intend to visit.  For further information about railway safety and protocol, visit the website – http://www.operationlifesaver.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/PRsafetyguide_EN.pdf

The blog photos in this presentation were taken with permission and in the context of the above agreements.

Persons who in various ways contributed to this publication.

Charlie Baldock – Boundary Trail Heritage Region Inc.
Penny Burton – Boundary Trail Heritage Region Inc.
Eileen Froese
Raymond Froese
Ron Froese
Andy Keen & Brenda Seward
Laurie Linaker   (1935 – 2014)
Travis Long – General Manager Boundary Trail Railway Co.
Gordon McGill – Boundary Trail Heritage Region Inc.
Bill Reimer – Boundary Trail Heritage Region Inc.


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