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Neil Froese is a retired teacher residing in Ontario with his wife, Eileen. Growing up and living in southern Manitoba in the 1950's to the late 1980's, Neil's interest in trains was piqued by the visual and sound drama of early Canadian Pacific steam on cold, crisp winter mornings as the trains would dutifully deliver most anyone and everything to and from the towns and villages in southern Manitoba. The CPR station with its "agent" was the commercial and in many ways, the social hub of prairie towns until 1950's when train passenger service was terminated as more and more persons choose the independence of the automobile and the use of better highway infrastructure. However, a pre- Christmas winter ride on the CPR passenger train with his mother and brothers from Mather to Winkler in the 1950's to spend time with the grandparents was "as good a gift as was needed" as far as Neil was concerned. To a young boy 8 years of age, It was a great, unique experience - always to be remembered!

536 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

Pacific 1285 at CartwrightAs published in the “Southern Manitoba Review”. “It is a G5d class, built 5-48 at Canadian Locomotive Co. in Kingston, and scrapped 6-60.  (I was almost 8 years old and already watching CPR trains when this engine was new.)  The G5 class ran from #1200-#1301.  It should be noted that two sisters, #1278 and #1286, have recently returned from the U.S. and are currently stored, in your home province of MB, at the Prairie Dog Central.  I believe they are owned by an individual in Alberta.” Information source: “Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives“ by Omer Lavallee, Published by LPD Publishing, Vancouver, B.C. (1984) ISBN 10: 0920264158 ISBN 13: 9780920264157”, submitted by Richard Walker.