534 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

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2 thoughts on “534 The Napinka Subdivision, Mile 0 to Mile 49

  1. Chris Thompson

    Gentlemen….how do I get a copy of this book? I grew up just north of LaRiviere and spent countless hours hiking, dirtbiking, and sledding in the MaryJane creek along the rail line as it entered LaRiviere from the east. Also spent a bunch of time in the trails in the hills as the line exited the valley going west towards WoodBay, and we had a regular swimming hole in a curve underneath the steel bridge west of LaRiviere.

    Coincidentally you mention Bink Moffat. I knew him as Uncle Bink…he was actually my great uncle through marriage, his brother Neil also farmed the land next to us in the valley, and I still occasionally visit with Bink’s son Harold (also a retired CP veteran).

    I’ve got this site bookmarked of course but would love a hard copy of it all.


    1. nfroese Post author

      Hello Chris,
      Unfortunately, there is no copy of a book of my Blog, even though I have set it up in book format. It was my original intention to publish a book, however due to the expense and the lack of interest by the general public at this time, I decided to publish my experience as a Blog.
      Charlie Baldock of Killarney did take the time to run off all the 500 + pages on his color printer, and to my knowledge he has the only hard copy -a compilation of pages. I myself do not have a hard copy, but have the info on my computer and on a memory stick.

      Please refer to this email as permission from me (Neil Froese) to run of a copy for yourself if that might become your plan.
      Thank-you for the compliment of your email and briefly sharing your connectivity to this beautiful area of the province.
      Please feel free to share more info on this Blog as thoughts come to mind.




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